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No Additional Punishment for Clever
National Teams - USA Men

AUCKLAND, 17 Sept. - USA Captain Todd Clever has been given no suspension or any further punishment for a no-wrap tackle in his team's match against Russia September 15.

Clever was cited by Independent Citing Commissioner Murray Whyte (Ireland) under Law 10.4(e) for dangerous tackling and 10.4(g) for dangerous charging in the Rugby World Cup 2011 Pool C match against Russia in New Plymouth on September 15.

Clever admitted the offence under Law 10.4(e) and Independent Judicial Officer Judge Jeff Blackett (England) accepted that the offence was appropriately classified under this Law reference and not under Law 10.4(g).

Having conducted a detailed review of all the evidence available, including all broadcast angles and additional evidence from the Player and his Counsel, Robert Latham, the Judicial Officer upheld the citing under Law 10.4(e) for dangerous tackling.

With respect to the sanction, the Judicial Officer deemed the offence to be at the lower end of the scale of seriousness which has an entry point of two weeks. The Judicial Officer found that there were compelling on-field and/or off-field mitigating features and a complete absence of on-field and/or off-field aggravating features.

In particular he determined that the contact was between the USA player’s upper arm and the victim player’s chest. It was a glancing contact as the victim player was already falling away as a result of a legitimate tackle by another USA player. There was no adverse effect on the victim player or the match and the offence could not be described as a body check, which would have been more serious.

Therefore, in accordance with Disciplinary Rule 12.5 the Judicial Officer determined that no further sanction was necessary.

Clever is able to resume play with immediate effect.