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Harlequins Exiting Super League?
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The American rugby rumor mill has churned out whispers that the Dallas Harlequins are dropping from the Super League. It's been speculated since the end of the spring season, and even before, by some in the American rugby community that the Quins may wish to take some time in DI to rebuild both competitively and financially, but that speculation has picked up steam recently.

"As of now we are in the RSL," wrote Harlequin Executive Vice President Paul Riddle in an e-mail to RUGBYMag.com.

When asked in a follow-up email if the Harlequins had any intention of exiting the Super League prior to the 2012 season, Riddle responded, "I wish I could give you more, that is the official club statement at this time."

The Harlequins finished the 2011 season 0-6 and were outscored 460-79 in doing so. The Harlequins, a charter member of the Super League, are just two years removed from a 2009 playoff appearance.


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