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Dot Rugby?
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IRBThe International Rugby Board (IRB) has applied to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to acquire the .RUGBY internet sponsored top-level domain (STLD), hoping to garner control over who gets domain names with the .RUGBY appendage.

The application is founded on a mandate from the IRB’s global membership (118 IRB member countries representing more than 5.5 million registered players across all continents). As Rugby's global governing federation, the IRB has announced that it is the only valid contender for the .RUGBY domain name and does not support or authorize any other applicant as a valid steward of the .RUGBY domain name.

According today's statement form the IRB, "The IRB wants to keep the .RUGBY domain within the sport for the benefit of the global Rugby community in order to uphold and promote the sport of Rugby’s values and ethos and to protect the sport, its trademarks and the interests of its core stakeholders. The IRB is committed to ensuring .RUGBY is accountable to and used in the best interests of the Game of Rugby and the Rugby community."

IRB Chairman Bernard Lapasset, said: "The IRB is the proper and rightful steward for the .RUGBY domain and will ensure that all within the global Rugby family can benefit. We are the only applicant representing the Rugby community and do not recognise any other applicant as a valid steward of the .RUGBY domain. We are working closely in partnership with our national federations, to make the .RUGBY domain accessible to the global Rugby family at all levels including players (recreational and professional), organisers and, of course, fans.”