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Rex Ryan lauds Hayden Smith's Work Ethic
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Hayden Smith joined the New York Jets rookie minicamp Friday, donning the full gridiron getup for the first time.

Chances are, you've read of Smith's attempt to become an American football player, but you may not have heard what outspoken Jets head coach Rex Ryan thinks of the crossover project. 

"It’s crazy to think this guy never put a helmet on before, never ran a route, never did anything like that," coach Rex Ryan told the Newark Star-Ledger. "And when he’s out there, could you really tell that? He certainly looks the part. He’ll be given every opportunity to be a factor for us...

"Is he going to do this right now? I don’t think we can say he's going to have an impact immediately. But I’ll say this: He’s working like he’s going to. This guy is studying like crazy. I see him in the facility, and he is out there by himself running routes, going through assignments. This guy wants it. He has been successful in other areas, and why not? We’ll see."

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