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RUGBY Magazine Year in Review
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What a Year!

2011 YIRAnd it’s not over.

The staff at RUGBY Magazine is working on the 2013 Year in Review, and this year, we have a change.

OK, two changes.

1. We will add in more historical information and contact data for new leagues and competitions to help players and clubs navigate the confusing waters of American Rugby.

2. We will print the Year in Review on Paper!

That’s right. While our RUGBY Magazine is an electronic-only publication, our Year in Review will be available in both printed and electronic versions!

Ordering information is coming soon. Right now, though, we want you to advertise.

The Year in Review is a magazine rugby fans will keep all through the year. It’s a reference as well as a magazine, and as such, your ad will be a reference, too.

  • Promote your club – it’s an ongoing recruiting tool.

  • Promote your school – Get your college or grade school involved in recruiting students!

  • Promote your tournament – make sure everyone knows when your next tournament is months in advance.

  • 2012 Year in ReviewPromote your camp – camps and clinics are crucial elements in developing the game. Make sure everyone knows about yours!


For more, click here for our rate sheet (PDF), or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more info or with questions.