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Eagles Give Thanks
Off The Field - RUGBYMag Reader News

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers, and especially to our readers serving our country overseas!

Rugby players are also overseas, with two national teams in foreign countries, and another team on the way there. (The USA women's 7s team will leave for Dubai later).

Below, the USA Men's 15s team celebrates in Buhcarest with their dinner. The USA Women's 15s team is in Orlean, France, and putting up their own decorations. And finally, the USA 7s team is especially thankful, because Emirates Airlines spring for Business Class for their long flight to Dubai. 

Eagle women set the tone.

Eagle men pose with their turkey, while Basauri and Emerick go for the grub.

Folau Niua and Colin Hawley are glad to be back on the team, and thankful for a comfortable flight to Dubai.