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Apply to or Support Spearhead Rugby Academy
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Spearhead Rugby Academy (SRA) is a residential rugby academy in the Minneapolis area designed for elite high school rugby players and crossover athletes who are interested in a career in rugby.

Future Eagle Miles Craigwell during his time at Spearhead. Ann Holder photo.
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SRA is run by Rob Holder, who won a national collegiate championship as coach of Air Force, was Director of Rugby at Stanford, helped lead the East Palo Alto Razorbacks to a national DII club title, and managed the USA National Team. SRA provides an elite training environment, world class coaching, and personal care that l enables athletes to take the next step in their rugby development.  Rugby is integrated with academic programs which together provide the athlete with many life options.

Still wondering if SRA is for you?  Well, maybe current and former SRA members can convince you …

The change in environment I have experienced through Spearhead has opened my eyes to the world of opportunities around me.  Leaving my culture, family and friends in East Palo Alto for the great unknown in Minnesota has completely changed my perspective on life and what it has to offer me in the way of education, sport, friendship and faith. Finau Pulu (Current SRA.  Outside center for Metropolis. Youngbloodz 7’s.  Minnesota College All-Stars.  He started in ESOL coursework and now is working on the perquisites for a degree in Architecture.  And yes Mile is his older brother.)

Spearhead gave me the opportunity I needed to take my rugby to the next level through training programs, training partners and a support structure on and off the field.  I can focus on my sport without sacrificing my academic goals.  Transferring to Spearhead last winter made it possible for me to put in the work I needed to make the JWRT squad last year.  I could not have done it on my own. Nick Barrett (Current SRA.  USA U20.  He is studying nursing and has become a key player for Metropolis, Minnesota U19’s and Minnesota College All-Star/U23 teams.)

Spearhead Rugby Academy is a family to me.  We look out for one another and help each other improve in rugby and in life.  I love my Spearhead brothers. Victor Zapata (Current SRA.  A Texas Select from San Antonio.  He plays prop for Metropolis, MN College All-Stars and previously for the MN U19’s.  .  He studies at Century College.)

Young rugby players and athletes interested in rugby who wish to attend Spearhead should click here to fill out a simple contact form. This form allows Spearhead to contact you and discuss your goals. In addition, those applying to Spearhead will receive a free RUGBYMag.com T-shirt.

Not interested in joining the program, but want to support the effort? Spearhead Rugby Academy is a non-profit organization that relies on tax-deductible donations (sponsorships). Sponsorships help to support scholarships and to provide students with the services and equipment they need. 

If you, or the rugby club/ organization/ company you belong to, are interested to sponsor athletes at Spearhead please click here. Remember to mention RUGBYMag.com to get a gift based on your level of sponsorship.

Several Sponsorship levels available, below are illustrative values (monthly values). Feel free to create your own sponsorship.

$15,000 ($1250/month) – Sponsor one athlete for a year (room & board, classes and basic rugby travel)

$7,500 ($625/month) – Sponsor one athlete for 6 months

$720 ($60/month) ($) – Sponsor one 4-credit class per semester

$600 ($50/month) – Sponsor travel and related expenses for one weekend (i.e. national level tournaments)

$60   – Sponsor one CIPP

Spearhead is also actively looking to solve the following needs:

  1. Entry level employment for SRA members and graduates.  Specifically in the Minneapolis/ St Paul area for current graduates, but graduates are typically open to consider other areas as well.
  2. Transportation:  SRA is currently looking for a sponsor for a 15-passenger vehicle to facilitate transport to / from practice.  If you want sponsor the vehicle please use the form to let SRA know.

For more on Spearhead Rugby Academy, go to: http://www.spearheadrugby.com/