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All American Women to Take On Canadian Universities
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BOULDER, Colo. -- The Women’s Collegiate All-Americans will host a Canadian Universities side in a two match series in Lake Placid, N.Y., at the end of July.  The final match will be on a grand stage, featured during the finals of the Can-Am Rugby Tournament, the largest tournament in the Western Hemisphere with over 100 teams in attendance.

Selection to the All-Americans is an important step on the Women’s High Performance Pathway.  Playing an international opponent in front of a crowd of thousands is a critical development opportunity for our nation’s top collegiate athletes.  The team will train at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Lake Placid prior to the matches against Canada.

“Holding camp at the OTC enables us to expose our collegiate athletes to a high performance environment,” said Women’s High Performance Director, Alex Williams.

“It’s a vital growth opportunity for those aspiring to represent the USA on the sevens or fifteens Women’s National Teams.”

Success as a Collegiate All-American is a strong predictor of success at the senior national team level.  Sixteen former All-Americans competed in the 2010 Women’s Rugby World Cup and seven former All-Americans represented the USA at the Las Vegas and Hong Kong Sevens this year.

“It will be an intense week of training and competing as elite athletes and will give the National Team staff the opportunity to see who thrives in that environment,” said Williams.



Collegiate athletes are currently being viewed by selectors around the country during the spring season and scouts will also attend collegiate playoffs and national championships.  In addition, performance at the Collegiate National All-Star Championships in Pittsburgh in June will be an important factor in making All-American selections.

Following the June Collegiate NASC, selections will be announced for Division I and Division II All-Americans, as well as the Touring Side that will compete against the Canadian Universities squad.

More information about the Women’s All-American selection process can be found on, or by clicking here.

Collegiate coaches can nominate their athletes for All-America consideration by filling out the online Nomination Form found here.



Individuals and organizations interested in sponsoring or supporting the USA Women’s Collegiate All-Americans in their quest to defeat their Canadian counterparts at the Can-Am Tournament in Lake Placid, NY, should contact Alex Williams, Women’s HP Director at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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All American Program Turns to 7s
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2007 NASC 7s USA CollegiatesBOULDER, Colo. -- What USA Rugby is touting as "the first ever Men’s Collegiate All-American Sevens team" will assemble this August and plans to compete in the National All-Star Sevens Championships.

This is, of course, not the first ever collegiate All Americans 7s team. An All American squad played in the 7s NASC in 2007 and played as early as 1998. However, often these teams were called, officially, a Collegiate All-Star team. They wore the All Americans or USA jerseys, and were All Americans to everyone who watched them.

The official designation  of the CAA7s mirrors the creation of the High School All-American Sevens this February and makes formal a sevens pathway from high school to college to Team USA.  Sevens will feature in the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games so these athletes will be well versed in the seven-a-side game when that time comes.

USA Rugby All-American Program Director, Matt Sherman acknowledges the importance of giving elite student-athletes an opportunity to compete in high level sevens competitions.

“It’s imperative that we create a competitive environment to develop international sevens players.  The Olympic movement as well as the rapid growth of collegiate sevens rugby have created a need for an All-American Sevens program,” said Sherman.

The All-American Sevens team will be led by current All-American fifteens coach, Alex Magleby, who also acknowledges the need for an elite squad as well.

"In order to pump better prepared, more highly-skilled athletes into our national sevens team, we need to have a competitive test environment for would-be international sevens players as we do for fifteens,” said Magleby.

Magleby himself was a mainstay of the USA Men’s Sevens team, is a former USA captain and former national team assistant coach.

Sherman recognizes that Magleby has done great things with the All-Americans, and is looking forward to him taking the helm of the CAA7s.

“Under [Magleby’s] guidance, many players have developed into full internationals, evidenced by our current national sevens and fifteens teams being made up of consistently heavy contingents of current and former All-Americans.  We look forward to Alex’s final assembly with the fifteens team, and even more so to him taking over the sevens program,” said Sherman.

Magleby’s experience and expertise with sevens will be an asset to the Men’s All-Americans program, developing skills that sometimes suffer from neglect in the fifteen-a-side game.

"Whether it’s sevens developing for fifteens, or vice-versa, there is plenty of skill complementation: defensive line speed control, footwork through the tackle; evasive running skill and ball management; leg-drive, upper-body combat and efficiency in the tackle contest, to name a few.  An athlete has to do these skills well, at velocity and under pressure, either way."

The CAA7s are slated to compete in the National All-Star Sevens Championships at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. and possibly in the North American Caribbean Rugby Association 7s this fall.

Magleby will coach the Men’s Collegiate All-Americans fifteens team through the summer and the three-match series with a New Zealand Universities in July.  He will then take the reins of the sevens team in August.

The application process for the Men’s Collegiate All-Americans fifteens team will begin in the fall of 2011.


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All Americans Announce 2011 Plans
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All Americans v Saracens 2010. Ian Muir photo.BOULDER, Colo. – The Men’s Collegiate All-Americans (AAs) will host the New Zealand Universities team this summer, playing the visiting team in a three match series throughout California.

The All-Americans will assemble at the Olympic Training Center to prepare for the series.  Matches are scheduled for July 9 in San Diego, July 13 in Santa Barbara, and July 16 in San Francisco.  Venues and match details are yet to be finalized.

“We are excited to be hosting a strong New Zealand Universities side that will present a tough challenge and opportunity for the All-Americans in this World Cup year,” said All-American Program Director, Matt Sherman.

“We are also looking forward to showcase the All-American team in three different American cities with strong rugby foundations.”

The timing of the matches is purposeful as they occur during a break in the USA Eagles’ busy pre-Rugby World Cup schedule.  This will allow the Eagles coaching staff to scout talent, as well as collaborate with the All-Americans coaches. 

Eagles Head Coach Eddie O’Sullivan and a number of his staff have worked regularly with the All-American coaches and players.  Creating consistent training environments and expectations for high performance athletes makes the transition from All-American to Eagle more seamless.

All-Americans Coach, Alex Magleby, notes that improvements in high school and collegiate programs across the country have been steadily increasing their standards of performance, something the All-Americans and National Team ultimately benefit from.

"The All-American assembly aims to replicate an international-level test environment. If this is done right, the majority of a player's development should happen in his collegiate team environment for nine plus months of the year.  However, an athlete can learn a lot about himself in two weeks of committed focus and pressure in a constructive national team test environment, and that is the primary goal," said Magleby.

Just last year, eight 2010 All-Americans; Colin Hawley, Eric Fry, Taylor Mokate, Scott LaValla, Anthony Purpura, Peter Tiberio, Zack Test, and Blaine Scully, went on to represent the USA in either in fifteens or sevens.
Magleby added, "The players who perform well in this environment usually end up excelling in the senior national team. Not only do they have the athletic attributes of a would-be international player, they are deliberate in their preparation, evolve with setbacks, and grow with the opportunities given."

The All-Americans coaching staff has been scouting for this year’s CAA side.  A player’s performance during the regular season, playoffs, and championships are considered, as well as the National All-Star Championships in June.

"Already in the [College Premier Division] we are witnessing healthy growth from many of last year's All-Americans. There are numerous other students who have worked their way onto the radar. 

We are looking forward to the surprises the rest of the CPD and national divisional championships are sure to bring," Magleby said.

The CAAs have scouts in each of the CPD and Division I conferences for regular season games.  A selection panel will convene and select the All-Americans (team, honorable mentions, and the touring side) following the National All-Star Championships in June.

Coaches may nominate players to the All-Americans by completing this form:

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Women All American Selection Process Starts
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BOULDER, Colo. -- USA Rugby has begun the process of selecting the 2011 Women’s Collegiate All-Americans (WCAAs). 
The WCAA honor is awarded annually to a select group of women who have proven themselves to be outstanding collegiate rugby players and in 2011, both Division I and Division II athletes will be recognized.

In addition, selection to the WCAAs is a key step in the high performance pathway and many current and former Women’s Eagles have ascended to the senior national team by way of the WCAA program.

All-Americans are selected based on their performance during the collegiate season, playoffs and championships, as well as performance at the Collegiate National All-Star Championships.

Collegiate coaches may nominate players for All-American selection.  Submitting game footage is helpful for selectors and is highly recommended.

To learn more about the selection process and how to nominate a player, please visit

The WCAAs will have a touring side that will attend a summer training camp and a weeklong tour, competing against a Canadian University All-Star team at the annual Saranac Lake/Lake Placid tournament in upstate New York.

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Women All Americans Looking for a Coach
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BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby is in search of a head coach for the 2010 Women’s Collegiate All-American Touring Side (WCAAs).  The WCAA head coach will be selected through an open application process that opens today and closes on March 30, 2011.

The Women’s All-American program is a part of the high performance player pathway, with many WCAAs going on to represent the USA at the senior international level as Women’s Eagles.  Fostering a high performance and positive learning environment is crucial to player and character development for the WCAAs and international competition is an integral part of that.

In 2011, the All-American Touring Side will compete at the international level for the first time, playing two matches against a Canadian University All-Star team at the end of July, as part of the Saranac Lake/Lake Placid annual tournament.

To see a full list of requirements and duties for the position or to apply, please visit


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