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Midwest DI Club Wrapup
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You'd be forgiven for thinking it was all over in the Midwest after Columbus won their first three and the Chicago Griffins lost at Palmer.

But it's still interesting as the Griffins beat Cincinnati and Palmer, somewhat surprisingly, beat Columbus on the road.

Luke Stringer was happy to see Palmer win a big game on the road. Rob Wagner, Dropkick Photos.Chicago and Cincinnati played a windy game where the team with the wind scored the points. The Wolfhounds were entering halftime up 15-0 when the Griffins sneaked in a try to make it 15-5. The Griffins were smart with the wind at their backs and scored two converted tries to win 19-15.

"We had opportunity," said Cincinnati Head Coach Nick Lauterbach. "But the wind played a big role for both sides."

The Griffins improve to 2-1-1, while Cincinnati remains winless.

Meanwhile Palmer went to Columbus and came away 34-32 winners.

Palmer started well and scored early, and were up three tries in the second half.

"Then our guys kind of switched off," said player-coach Luke Stringer. "We had a guy in the sin bin and Columbus really upped their game."

Columbus came back to tie the game 27-27. Then Palmer scored to go up 34-27. Columbus had one more shot, spun it wide, and scored in the corner. The kick, however, was too difficult, and Palmer held on 34-32.

"It was a really fast-paced, wide open game, a really exciting game of rugby," enthused Stringer. "We knew they had a solid backline so we wanted to attack them up front. We've got basically a whole new back compared to last year. They are raw but have athletic ability, and I think today they kind of caught on and pushed Columbus around."

With the loss, Columbus gets a bonus points for a close loss and for four tries, but drops to 3-1. Palmer improves to 2-1. Also Saturday, Kansas City won their first game 36-15 against Milwaukee.

But everyone is still chasing Metropolis, which beat the Chicago Lions 54-31 to go to 4-0. The Lions did well to score a couple late to get the bonus point for four tries, but it was more of the same for the Minneapolis club - tries, and more tries, and a victory.


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