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Boston and Middlesex Win, Set NE Playoff Matchups
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The Middlesex Barbarians did enough to clinch 2nd place in the New England DI club competition, beating Amoskeag 83-20 to finished 5-2 and just ahead of the Boston Irish Wolfhounds Saturday.

John Kokinda was again brilliant with his goalkicking for the Barbarians, although he did miss for the first time this season, slotting five of six for a season record of 23-24.

The Wolfhounds needed a bonus point of any kind to stay in 2nd, but lost 27-14 to Boston in a fractious, tense encounter at the Irish Cultural Center in Canton, Mass.

“We haven’t really been challenged this fall, but we were challenged today,” said Boston Head Coach Mike Diamanatopoulos. “They really flooded the tackle area well and blitzed effectively. It was tough.”

Colin Yip had an excellent day for Boston, playing strong defense against larger midfield opponents, and scoring a try as well. Boston did have the services of returning USA Selects players Tony Purpura and John Quill, which game them a boost.

In addition, Liam Murphy and James Hugh came on in the second half in the forwards and provided a spark for Boston, who were up just 15-7 at halftime.

“What I was most pleased with was how they kept their composure and didn’t panic that this was a close game,” said Diamantopoulos.

It was a physical game, though, with a lot of big tackles. The referee handed out two yellow cards and a red card to each team. Duran Vota for Boston and Kiwa Oakes for BIW were the ones who saw red, and that could mean bad new for the semifinals slated for next week.

(Editor's note - both the Boston v BIW and the Middlesex v Amoskeag scores were originally reported with different scores. These mistaken score totals had no bearing on the final standings or the remainder of the report.)

The semifinal matchups are now set:
Mystic River at Boston
Boston Irish Wolfhounds at Middlesex

Below are standings (incomplete but show the final seedings)

New England Men DI Club W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
Boston 7 0 0 439 35 404 7 0 35
Middlesex 5 2 0 365 205 160 6 1 27
Boston Irish Wolfhounds 5 1 1 226 125 101 4 0 26
Mystic River 3 2 1 152 116 36 3 0 17
Hartford 2 4 0 124 313 -189 2 0 10
New Haven 1 5 0 124 227 -103 2 1 7
South Shore 1 5 0 97 285 -188 1 0 5
Amoskeag 1 6 0 105 332 -227 1 0 5


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