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EPA Wins Thriller Against Sac Lions
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The East Palo Alto Razorbacks upset the Sacramento Lions in a high-scoring wild one in Menlo Park, Calif. Saturday, emerging 42-38 winners.

This was not a league game, but it certainly showed that EPA might have something to say about who could challenge in Northern California.

It proved to be a fast game as expected with these two teams.  The Lions scored a try on the kickoff which stunned the crowd and for the Lions a hope at more to come. This seemed to be the case as the Lions picked up a second try shortly after with the assistance of Garrett Hawley. Speed from the Lions full back and Villiami Finau gave the Lions an early edge. 

As Sacramento got confident about the early score EPA’s desire to survive their first home game allowed them to find several holes and quickly bridge the score.  Nearing the half the Lions were up by 3 with a 24-21 score.

As the second half opened it was any ones game and the Razorbacks didn’t want to give it up. Their backline sent the ball wide and began to out run a tired Sacramento team.  The EPA forwards went on to drive in the ball on two separate Lions penalties. Despite this rapid, one-sided scoring the Lions returned with similar tact as Monty Fifta and Kivalu Toofohe worked to secure the ball while helping matching the score.

There were two other tries scored by the Lions negated as the field was poorly marked and the players stepped outside of the cones.  As it came down to the wire the Razorbacks defense held the Lions from scoring the final try and kicked it out to win the game 42-38.



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