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Cincy Happy to be #1
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The Cincinnati Wolfhounds secured first place in the Midwest DI Eastern Conference last weekend, and will now have to wait until April to see whether that means a Midwest championship, a #2 seed and a home playoff game, or #3.

They do know, as do Palmer, that they are guaranteed a place in the crossovers with the South clubs.

“We went into those playoffs last year and lost both games!” remembers Head Coach Nick Lauterbach. “So we are definitely looking at adjusting our warmup schedule to be prepared for those.”

This is a slightly different Cincy club from the one that made the playoffs the previous two seasons. It is younger, for one.

“We have brought in a bunch of younger players and they have really fit in well with the older players,” Lauterbach said. “Cohesion within the team is really important, and the older players realize we need to grow as a club. Cohesion as a club has translated into cohesion on the field.”

With a core of senior players and an infusion of athleticism from local collegiate, the Wolfhounds hope to return to the lofty heights of 2007, when they finished in the top four in the nation.

That year the Wolfhounds did it with forwards and defense. Now they have spread their attack, averaging over 36 points a game. Their two losses were both close ones, which enabled them to keep ahead of Buffalo and stay in 1st place.


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