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Still Time for Rugby Night in America
Off The Field - US Rugby Foundation News

San Diego, Calif. - There's still time to get your rugby club's bar or restaurant signed up for Rugby Night in America which will take place on Tuesday night, September 27, 2011. Rugby Night in America will coincide with the last Pool C match for the Eagles at the Rugby World Cup as they take on Italy. The USRFF is asking all rugby players to frequent their rugby club's bars and restaurants on the night of Tuesday, September 27 to watch the rebroadcast of the USA-Italy match on Universal Sports at 8:00 pm EDT. Each establishment that participates in the fundraiser will be donating 10% of their sales on the night of Tuesday, September 27 to the USRFF for its A Ball 4 All Campaign.

Proceeds from each establishment will be used to purchase rugby balls for the kids in those specific areas. In addition, the establishment that raises the most money will receive an additional 20 balls for the young rugby players in that area.

Also, those in attendance at participating locations will have the opportunity to win two tickets to the 2012 USA 7s Tournament in Las Vegas. That's two tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday's action, courtesy of USA Sevens, LLC.

Once an establishment signs up to be a part of Rugby Night in America, the USRFF will do its part by encouraging all the clubs in your area to frequent your bar for the USA-Italy clash. The USRFF will also provide two unique posters (Rugby Night in America Poster1) and (Rugby Night in America Poster2) tailored for your establishment for you to display to help promote the event.

So far, the following establishments have signed on to take part in the first ever Rugby Night in America:

Boise, ID - Dutch Goose
Chicago, IL - Black Rock Pub & Kitchen
Denver, CO - Casey's Bistro & Irish PubDarcy's Bistro & Pub and Jordan's Bistro & Pub
Houston, TX - The Stag's Head Pub
Kansas City, MO - The GAF and Mike's Tavern
Miami, FL - Churchill's Pub
Philadelphia, PA - The Bards
San Diego, CA - Tilted Kilt and Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar
State College, PA - Olde New York Restaurant

More information for bar/restaurant owners interested in being a part of Rugby Night in America can be found here. Or feel free to contact Brian Vizard at 619-233-0765 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Time to Cast Aside Doubts for USA v Aus
National Teams - USA Men

The USA has no chance against Australia, right?

Forget about the talk that it's a second team Aussie lineup - that's silly, considering this group is no worse than the 16th through 30th best players in Australia. Consider also that whenever a supposed 2nd Tier I team plays the USA, the players in that group end up being World Cup final starters a year or two later.

In 1999, when the USA really tested a supposed under-strength Australia team, Matt Burke, Stephen Larkham, Chris Latham, Michael Foley, and Tiaan Strauss all played in that match. All of those were or became major stars.

So scoff if you like about who the Eagles are playing, they are playing against a very, very good team.

But that doesn't mean it's over with already. Even if the USA is running out a lineup that is clearly not the front-line group Coach Eddie O'Sullivan has picked before. The Eagles are resting 14 starters from the game against Russia, but all of the starters for Friday have been capped. Some have been regular starters for some time. It's certainly a different lineup, but does it have to be a capitulation.

No it doesn't, and our thoughts go to Rugby Magazine columnist Brian Hightower, who wrote this in his column about his memories of the 1999 World Cup:

Our final match against the Wallabies was at Thomond Park in Limerick. The Park has legendary importance as the site where, on October 31, 1978, the mighty men of Munster took down the vaunted New Zealand All Blacks, 12-0. The match is so firmly embedded in Irish lore that the people of Limerick, 21 years later, kept citing the historic victory as if in expectation that we could best the Australians on their magical pitch. (Thus is whar Moonster bit the Ahl Blocks! Soo, ya jest nayyyver noo!)

We may not have beaten Australia, but we did have a good match. In contrast to our puckered style from the week before against Romania, we played loose and flung the ball around a little. We had nothing to lose, and our style followed suit. In the first half, Alec Parker touched down for what was surely a try. Were the rugby gods smiling on Thomond Park again? Apparently not, as the ref ruled that the ball was held up. (You still can’t mention this event to Parker without his face turning red.) Minutes later, after rolling through a few phases, center Jean Grobler dove across the line for a historic World Cup try.

I had a role to play in the score, and it has helped cement my understanding of the beauty of this game forever. In the ruck before Grobler touched down, I was the first to the ball, and drove into the fray. The ball was getting tied up by the concealed hands of a few Wallaby forwards. I took to my work like a miner, burrowed into the mound, and helped produce a usable ball. I had scored many tries in my time, some that were athletic, some that won international matches, but they all paled in comparison to being in that one ruck. The essential truth about rugby is that for every back that soars across the goal line, there are 14 men who have made his flight possible. It’s not as though I’d never been in a ruck before, its just that all these years later, when recounting my World Cup experience, the best memory I have is of prying fat Australian fingers off of our ball and the small part it played in that try. Plus, it only happened once in the 1999 Rugby World Cup. Throughout the rest of the event, the USA would be the only team to score a try (OK Parker, two tries.) against the eventual winners. France got close in the final, but couldn’t finish. Suck on that, France.


So maybe there's not a win in the cards, but there is a special memory, a special play. No one, really, gives the USA a chance. Isn't this, then, the best time for the Americans to throw caution to the wind, seize the moment, and do something special? 

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Tickets on Sale for Northwest College 7s
Sevens - Collegiate Sevens
Central Washington were champs in 2010. Alex Goff photos

The second annual Northwest Collegiate Rugby Conference 7s is set for Sunday, October 16 at Memorial Stadium in Seattle.

The tournament was held in Portland, Ore. last year and produced a champion in Central Washington University, which went on to win the USA 7s Collegiate Rugby Championship Qualifier in Las Vegas and finish 4th in the CRC tournament in Chester, Pa. in June.

This year CWU is back to defend its trophy and returning also are 2010 runners up Eastern Washington. Washington State and Oregon State headline the contenders, which also include Washington, Idaho, Oregon and University of Puget Sound.

The event will be held at Memorial Stadium, a turf multi-purpose stadium located within the Seattle Center grounds, near the world famous Space Needle and the Experience Music Project, and accessible by another famous Seattle landmark, the monorail.

Tickets are $5 for the all-day event and can be purchased at 

It's a full-service stadium with covered seating, locker rooms, PA system, socreboard and concessions.


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Inside Pan-Am Selections
RUGBYmag Premier - Exclusive News

Alex Goff looks at the USA 7s team Pan-Am camp and how the selections might pan out.

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Erroneous Seeding for Women's DI Clubs
Clubs - Women's Clubs

It's still early in the women's DI club season, but that doesn't mean teams aren't looking toward the national Round of 8, which will take place on October 29-30 in Austin, Texas. Beginning playoffs with the Elite 8 is another evolution for women's clubs, and it could have been a good one, if it was done correctly.

While Atlanta (blue) will likely make the Elite 8, their region could be shortchanged.

When the Women's Premier League was created, it removed the country's top eight teams from division one, and the competition struggled to fill out a Round of 16 to begin national playoffs. Therefore, 12 teams were invited, but the top four teams received byes through the first round, giving them a huge advantage into day two. USA Rugby amended the playoff structure this year to begin with an Elite 8.

However, this year's seeding (below) lacks rationale when compared to 2010's finish (below).

2011 Women's DI Seeding
1. CR1
2. CR3
3. CR2
4. CR1
5. CR3
6. CR1
7. CR2
8. CR2

2010 Women's DI Finish
San Diego (CR1)
Atlanta (CR3)
Chicago North Shore (CR2)
Seattle (CR1)

Belmont Shore (CR1)
Glendale (CR2)
Philadelphia (CR3)

Austin (CR2)
Tempe (CR1)
Chicago (CR2)
Providence (CR3)

CR1 and CR3 both had three teams finish in the top 8 last year, while CR2 had two teams. So why does CR2 have three seeds in 2011 and CR3 only have two?

"Teams are concerned in this region," Atlanta's Ros Chou said. "We are hoping to get peace of mind from USA Rugby as we have already commenced our season, and in just a few weeks should have a very good idea who has the best chances of finishing in the top 2 or 3.

"We've reached out to USA Rugby to receive no confirmation or even a 'We'll get back to you,'" Chou lamented. "It's still up in the air who will finish third from CR3, but they could be shortchanged with their season."

While Atlanta has a very good shot at advancing to the Elite 8, despite the ruling on the seeds, the team wants to make sure their region is aptly represented. Stay tuned for updates.


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