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Final Bow for Mac at Leeds
International - Americans Overseas

Two USA players will be leaving Leeds Carnegie at the end of the season, following the club’s elimination from the RFU Championship playoffs.

The change is part of a wholesale housecleaning Head Coach Diccon Edwards, as the club will not be resigning several veteran players.

All-time top USA caps-earner Mike MacDonald and previously-capped scrumhalf Robbie Shaw will leave the club, along with 12 others after this weekend’s final game, against the Cornish Pirates.

Shaw is not in the 22 for this weekend, but MacDonald will start at loosehead prop, making his 128th appearance for the club.

Shaw leaves Ledds having played 20 times for them.

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Video: Highlights Navy v Ohio State
MultiMedia - Videos

Highlights from a close match between Ohio State and Navy. This was the final home game for Ohio State head coach Tom Rooney as he will retired from that position at the end of the season.

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All Eyes on PC D1 - Including Ours
RUGBYmag Premier - Scouting Reports

Well we’ll know something after this weekend.

All eyes in DI club rugby will be on Northern California and Utah, as four games help decide the final four teams in the Round of 32.

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Super League Rosters Apirl 21 Games
Clubs - Top Club Leagues

Rosters for the Super League games April 21, 2012

Old Blue
1 Nicholas E Discala
1 Williams, Joshua
2 coyne, conor
2 Griffin, Mark
3 Patrick E Fiffe
3 Brazier, William
4 james denise
4 Bradley, Patrick
5 Brian G Doyle
5 Ripley, Justin
6 Louis E Stanfill
6 Lipscomb, Derek
7 Neil McMillian
7 Clouston, Henry
8 Alastair McFarland
8 Hoehmann, John
9 mike petri
9 Pizzaro, Jorge
10 Steve Evans
10 Moeke, Ashley
11 Robert Sven Johnson
11 Wareing, Dominic
12 Toby James L'Estrange
12 Freed-Pastor, Daniel
13 Alan Leon MacGinty
13 Strydom, Steve
14 Steven Annunziato
14 Adams, Fitzjames
15 chapman, chris
15 Hume, Luke
16 Michael R Schacter
16 Unsworth, Paul
17 marvin jean baptiste
17 Murray, James
18 Ryan david McTiernan
18 Smith, Bryan
19 Seth M Cohen
19 Cohen, Abe
20 Michael Finn Durant
20 Rizzo, Charles
21 Ryan D Diehl
21 Rechtin, Elliot
22 Frank Gianchetta
22 Sullivan, Ryan

Denver Barbarians at
Chicago Griffins
1 Suipeli Fuahala
1 Bleitner, Dave
2 Luke Leinweber
2 Bucci, Jojo
3 Matt Shafroth
3 Paulsen, Tim
4 Jon Poynter
4 Jacobson, Charlie
5 Ben Schnake
5 Harriman, Graham
6 Kyle Hitt
6 Jacobson, Erik
7 Logan Collins
7 McBride, Ryan
8 Tommy Pasque
8 Fakatou, Villi
9 Benjamin Nicholls
9 Doggett, Cal
10 Taylor Howden
10 Suniula, Roland
11 Mike Garrity
11 Brown, Brendan
12 Hunter Leland
12 Baleirara, Ratu (Chalie)
13 Zach Makavilitogia
13 Beecher, Ryan
14 Jake Humphrey
14 Marek, Pat
15 Maximo De Achaval
15 Quaglia, Corey
16 John Toole
16 Bujwit, Dan
17 Paul Mumford
17 Najor, Matt
18 Tom Hewitt
18 Debartolo, Don
19 Rob Moreno
19 Petzel, Steve
20 John Hackemer
20 Coleman, Scott (JR)
21 Phil Bolton
21 Evans, Shawn
22 Mike Graham
22 Cooney, Sean

Life University at
Dallas Harlequins
1 Blake Bradford
1 Jewison, Jimmy
2 James Isaacson
2 Rutledge, Zach
3 Chris Sullivan
3 Rooke, Sam
4 Kris Headlee
4 Musick, Devin
5 Tom Katzfey
5 Van Scoy, Pete
6 Benji Goff
6 Welsh, Matt
7 Jason Davila
7 Clark, Jimmy
8 Cathal Doyle
8 Ruiz, Gonzalo
9 Brendan Thomson
9 Begg, Shawn
10 Benny Mateialona
10 Purcell, Bruce
11 Alfred Qaranivalu
11 Moxness, Tim
12 Aaron McMaster
12 O'Sullivan, Sean
13 Andrew Osborne
13 Cameron, Spencer
14 Shaun van Rensburg
14 West, Drew
15 Jason Bloom
15 Guerin, Leon
16 Steven Davis
16 Ewah, Usani
17 Xander Daniels
17 Liddell, Troy
18 Chris Truss
18 Paganini, Max
19 Saadiq Ziyad
19 Molina, Jose
20 Peter Burt
20 Davidson, Charles
21 Clint Whittler
21 Clouden, Justin
22 Nick Albert
22 Stubbs, Travis

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Old NY Rivals Meet Again
Clubs - Top Club Leagues

Midway through the Super League season, the New York Athletic Club is in a position to exert a stranglehold on the Eastern Conference with a victory against Old Blue Saturday.

NYAC and Old Blue are old enemies. Ed Hagerty photo.At first glance, this seems to be an easy bet to win, as NYAC is 4-0, having already beaten Old Blue 34-10 on March 10, and Old Blue has won just one game out of four.

But it is a little more complicated than that. Old Blue may have won just the one game, but they tied another, and lost another by two points. Last-second kicks in their 27-25 loss to Life and their 40-40 tie with Dallas could have changed their record drastically had they gone over.

That’s all done with, but it does show that Old Blue can play, and NYAC Coach Bruce McLane is under no illusions.

“It is very difficult to play Old Blue at Baker Field,” McLane said. “They are within striking distance of Life in the standings, and they know that if they knock us off, they can make up those five. It is not easy to break Old Blue down. Their defense is very disciplined, and they have a very strong kicking game, so they will be very difficult.”

McLane was muted in his praise of his own team which is 4-0, he said, despite lacking some power, some speed, and some size. What AC does have in spades is teamwork. Their lineup hasn’t changed much and those players are playing well together. Lou Stanfill anchors a blue collar forward pack that has benefitted from Brian Doyle taking a big step forward in his game. Mike Petri is the scrumhalf and captain, and leads a backline that won’t blow you away, but will gladly let the ball do the talking.

“Our team’s relatively healthy, they all show up, they go to practice every night and they work hard,” said McLane. “We are good at everything, but great at lineouts. We’re in a tough position in this game because Old Blue will be motivated to put this season on its head. However, in the event we can keep the tempo of the game up and we can keep the tempo moving forward, and the backs and forward work together, we have success in the lineout, and take advantage of their mistakes, we can give Old Blue some trouble, too.

Life University visits Dallas in Big D in a game the Running Eagles are expected to take.  However, Dallas has tied both their most recent home games. If they come away with a victory, and Old Blue at least claims a couple of bonus points against the AC, then 2nd place is completely up for grabs with three weeks remaining.

Meanwhile Denver visits Chicago in a game that basically will say which team still has a shot at a playoff position.

Chicago beat Denver 45-35 in Denver on March 17. That is the Griffins’ only win so far. If they win again, at 2-2 they have a shot at catching SFGG for 2nd. A win by Denver puts them back in the hunt, but barely.


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