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Training Centers Launched for Elite Women Players
National Teams - USA Women

USA players around the country now have a place to go to take advantage of top-level support. According to USA Rugby's own Blog, the USA Women’s National Rugby Team is launching five regional training centers this weekend across the country. The training centers are designed to provide high performance development for Eagle Pool players, both 15s and 7s. The players will receive support in physical development, nutrition, sports psychology, life management skills and rugby skills.

“Our greatest challenge is the size of the country, which means that it is expensive to assemble players,” said USA 15s WNT Head Coach Pete Steinberg.  “However the USA has some of the best sports science in the world, so we want to leverage those resources so our players an continue to develop between assemblies.”

USA Rugby has partnered with five universities: UMass, Penn State, University of Illinois-Chicago, Metro State College – Denver, and San Jose State.  Impact Sports Performance will play host to the Eagles at the Denver training center, with personnel provided by Metro State.

“Our international competitors around the world already have an integrated approach to elite athlete development and support,” said Scott Higgins, the Eagle Strength and Conditioning coach and the veteran of three Olympics.  “The regional delivery of service to support world class performance through the centers marks a significant step forward for the sport of women’s rugby in the United States.”

The program will start on Saturday morning and run through Sunday afternoon.  The players will be assessed for their power along with their aerobic and anaerobic fitness.  They will assess their high performance nutrition skills and get individual coaching as needed.  The players will work on creating a “growth mindset” in their development along with creating an approach to manage their finances so they can compete in rugby at a high level through the 2014 World Cup.  On the pitch they will cover attacking, contact and defensive skills.

“Our assemblies can be as much as 6 months apart,” Steinberg said.  “The centers give the players a chance to gather, get a check on their development and gain some skills.  It will help them stay motivated and will allow us to have better athletes at our next assembly in July.”