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NYAC, Life Name Lineups
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NYAC and Life University have named their linesup for Saturday's Elite Cup semifinal.

NYAC in action this season. Ed Hagerty photoNYAC is still without USA scrumhalf Mike Petri (broken thumb) but remains able to run former 7s Eagle Justin Hundley out at #9. John Cronin, brought in earlier this season as backup, is at center, partnering with (likely) soon-to-be Eagle Troy Hall.

Meanwhile regular hooker Conor Coyne slots in at flanker as AC handles some other injuries, including to 2012 MVP James Denise.

Life runs out a front-line side with, it appears, no major health issues. Although, oddly, Life also has a former front-rower, Seth Strauss, playing flanker. Also in the back row are Benji Goff and Cathal Doyle, who are both having excellent season for the Running Eagles.

The two teams will feature an intriguing matchup at halfback, with Life running out Brandan Thomson and AJ MacGinty, while NYAC has Hundley and Eagle flyhalf Toby L'Estrange.

The other matchup to look for is at second row. NYAC's engine room of Seth Cohen and Brian Doyle is one of the biggest in club rugby, and Doyle is an Eagle starter. They face up against Paul Bester and Kris Headlee, two tough, hard-nosed players who are equally comfortable in the back row.

NYAC Starting Lineup
1. Nick Discala
2. Tom Coolican
3. Pat Fiffe
4. Seth Cohen
5. Brian Doyle
6. Phil Rowe
7. Conor Coyne
8. Al McFarland
9. Justin Hundley
10. Toby L'Estrange
11. Gideon Balloch
12. John Cronin
13. Troy Hall
14. Kyle Granby
15. Chris Chapman

16. Kirk Hamilton
17. Marvin Jean Baptiste
18. Anthony Quinn
19. Christian Jewett
20. Danny Grace
21. Ryan Diehl
22. Rob Johnson
23. Gareth Gibbs

Life has lost to NYAC twice so far. Dennis Hawk DC photo.Life Starting Lineup
1. Demecus Beach
2. James Isaacson
3. Chris Sullivan
4. Kris Headlee
5. Paul Bester
6. Seth Strauss
7. Benji Goff
8. Cathal Doyle
9. Brendan Thomson
10. A.J. MacGinty
11. Zach Simkins
12. Benny Matteialona
13. Tui Osborne
14. Cornelius Dirksen
15. Aaron McMaster

16. Phil Thiel
17. Scott MacDonald
18. Garrett Lambert
19. Jason Davila
20. Saadiq Ziyad
21. Clint Whittler
22. AN Other