Written by Alex Goff    Friday, 25 November 2011 14:30    PDF Print Write e-mail
Close But No Cup Round for Eagles
Sevens - USA Sevens Men

The USA 7s team will play Papua New Guinea in the Bowl Quarterfinals Saturday (local time) at the Gold Coast 7s.

It’s a game they should expect to win, putting them in a tough match in the Bowl Semis, against either Scotland, or Niue.

The good news is, this year points are on offer on every game, making every lower-bracket match that much more important. The frustrating news is, the Eagles know they have the ability to make it to the Cup Quarterfinals.

While controlling the match against Japan and winning 21-0, the USA didn’t tackle the way they can or handle the ball the way they can to beat Australia. What rankles more, perhaps, is they lost a game against South Africa they felt they deserved to win.

"It was a shame we lost that game," said USA Head Coach Al Caravelli, who, so said Nigel Starmer-Smith, had issue with a call at the end of the game. "It was very harsh to lose in the way that we did."

Caravelli said the team is not taking Papua New Guinea lightly – it would be unwise to do so, certainly.”

"PNG is a team that is physical and tackles like crazy," Caravelli said.

The Eagles take on PNG at 9:44pm ET Friday night , 6:44pm PT.

The rest of their day pans out as follows:

Game 1 USA v Papua New Guinea 9:44pm Fri 6:44pm Fri

Win Game 1 USA v Scotland or Niue 12:50am Sat 9:50pm Fri

Win Bowl Final 3:30am Sat 12:30am Sat
Lose No Game

Lose Game 1 USA v Scotland or Niue 12:06am Sat 9:06pm Fri

Win Shield Final 3:00am Sat Midnight Sat
Lose No Game