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LVI: Men's Elite 7s Rundown, Rosters
Tournaments - LVI

The Men's Elite bracket will showcase some fantastically high-level 7s Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Las Vegas Invitational. Played on the Star Nursery fields just outside of Sam Boyd Stadium with the final set for inside the Stadium during a break in the IRB action Saturday, this bracket is deserving of any American rugby fan's attention. (FULL SCHEDULE HERE)

The United States' second team, the Falcons, is worth watching on its own. Contracted players who didn't make the Eagles roster for the main event, and some other intriguing Eagle hopefuls, will fill out this lineup.

Then there are three American teams pulling some of the best players from the club realm: Atlantis, Tiger Rugby and the Serevi Selects. Recent Eagles like Zach Pangelinan, Justin Boyd, Miles Craigwell, Mike Palefau, Ata Malifa, Mike Te'o, Pate Tuilevuka and Dallen Stanford are sprinkled throughout these rosters. So are college stars like JP Eloff, Dominic Mauer and Shaun Potgieter. Some really good players who have not earned a cap or become a big name through the college scene are Peceli Rinakama, Taylor Howden, Ben Nicholls and Troy Hall.

And the Serevi Selects feature world 7s stars Ben Gollings and Waisale Serevi as player/coaches and former Fijian international Emosi Vucago, too.

The US Army Cannibals, which are meant to take the place of the old 15s Combined Services select side in time, will be very talented, too. They're accompanied by a couple of more military squads.

These teams go up against the the French Developmental Team and numerous National Teams: Iceland, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Belgium and Russia. There are also a couple of high-level Canadian clubs in the Edmonton Elite and Dog River Howlers.

This group will provide the highest level of 7s outside of the main event, as National Teams test themselves and American players hope to impress the Eagles coaching staff. Below are the rosters for Atlantis, Tiger Rugby and the Serevi Selects, as well as the Tiger Cubs, who will compete in the Men's Aces division.

We will post the Falcons roster as soon as it becomes available.

Emil Signes
James Walker Belmont Shore

Andre Snyman Glendale Raptors

Dallen Stanford Oxy Olde Boys Jack Tracy Belmont Shore
Justin Boyd Frisco Griffins Mike Ziegler Bowling Green
Phil Bolton
Eddie McKenna Belmont Shore
Mike Graham
Shaun Potgieter Arkansas State
Toshi Palamo PAC Peter Sio Belmont Shore
Steve St. Pierre Park City Dominic Mauer Bowling Green
Chet Blasucci
Mike Te'o Belmont Shore
Ben Nicholls
Zach Pangelinan OMBAC
Troy Hall
Ata Malifa Glendale Raptors
Louis Vuocolo Tulsa Taylor Howden Denver Barbarians
Thad Hill Fort Worth Jon Cleary Galwegians (IRE)

JP Eloff Davenport

James Buckley Corinthians (IRE)

Serevi Selects
Tiger Cubs
Waisale Serevi OPSB Paul Holmes 1823
Ben Gollings
Chris Ryan Schuylkill River

Miles Craigwell OPSB Mason Baum Davenport
Kellen Gordon OPSB Glen Thommes Delaware
Ben Gollings
Jamie Croeser
Jope Motokana OPSB Andre Potgieter
Michael Nelson OPSB James Rosato Philly-Whitemarsh
Mike Palefau OPSB Darrin Claasen
Alekisa Kalougata OPSB Ryan Cochran Ohio State
Peceli Rinakama Sacramento Lions Pasefika Iosia Belmont Shore
Suliasi Ramaivena
Iniki Fa'amausili Glendale Raptors
Pate Tuilevuka OPSB Trevor Tanifum Maryland Exiles
Matt Trouville OPSB Robert Ah Sue Belmont Shore
Emosi Vucago OPSB Josh Holland 1823
Simione Ratukalou OPSB Apelu Sooalo Belmont Shore
Waisale Serevi OPSB Jeremy Weiss Belmont Shore