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Old Blue over Boston
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New York, NY - Led by the 22 points of flyhalf Ashley Moeke, Old Blue crushed the visiting Boston Rugby Club by a score of 37-5 Saturday in Super League play.

Old Blue flanker Derek Lipscomb scored twice. Ed Hagerty photo.
Old Blue scurmhalf Jorge Pizarro notched a try Saturday. Ed Hagerty photo.
Boston No. 8 Brian Regal on his way to paydirt. Ed Hagerty photo.
Ashley Moeke accounted for 22 of Old Blue's 37 points. Ed Hagerty photo.

Old Blue flanker Derek Lipscomb added to the carnage, touching down two tries.

Boston’s only points came on a try five minutes from the final whistle by reserve No. 8 Brian Regal.

 Moeke opened the scoring with a penalty goal in the fourth minute and then extended Old Blue’s lead to 10-0 when he converted a push-over try scored by flanker Lipscomb in the 14th.

Old Blue increased its lead to 17-0 when scrumhalf Jorge Pizzaro touched down at the conclusion of a second-phase movement from 10 yards out and Moeke converted.

While Boston misfired on a makeable penalty attempt in the 30th minute, Old Blue’s Moeke was on target with his second penalty goal in the 36th, 20-0.

With the half’s final seconds ticking away, Moeke came up short on a 50 meter penalty attempt.

Moeke was again off target with a penalty attempt three minutes after the restart, but atoned in the seventh minute when he ran in a try following a Boston infraction 10 meters from its own line. Moeke converted his try (27-0) and then increased Old Blue’s lead to 30-0 when he connected on a 40 meter penalty goal in the 25th minute.

Old Blue’s final points came in the 31st minute when flanker Derek Lipscomb crashed over for a try from 3 yards out, following multiple assaults on Boston’s line. Moeke’s conversion increased Old Blue’s lead to 37-0.

Boston achieved a small measure of redemption in the 35th minute when reserve #8 Brian Regal scored following a scrum five meters from Old Blue’s line.

Old Blue 37
Tries: Lipscomb 2, Pizarro, Moeke
Convs: Moeke 4
Pens: Moeke 3

Boston 5
Tries: Regal

Referee: Tom Lyons

Old Blue                                 Boston
Josh Williams          1        Craig MacKenzie
Mark Griffin           2        Andy MacLean
William Brazier       3        Anthony Purpur
Bryan Smith            4        Norris Goldberg
Patrick Bradley       5        David Prell
Derek Lipscomb      6        Will Haydock
Harry Clouston       7        Colin Watters
Marty Veale            8        Brennan Moore
Jorge Pizzaro           9        Sean Tracey
Ashley Moeke         10      Glynn Mackenzie
Fitzjames Adams    11      Terry Quick
Dan Freed-Pastor    12      Duran Vota
Dominic Wareing    13      Derek Wovumba
Peter Jordan            14      Kyle Marshall
Steve Strydom        15      Blake Creighton

Paul Unsworth        16      Ed Obare
James Murray          17      Jamie Hugh
William Looker       18      Tyler Williams
Abe Cohen              19      Brendan Ridge
Charlie Rizzo          20      Brian Regal
Elliot Rechtin          21      Justin Goonan
Ryan Sullivan          22      Dan Christie
                           23      Devon Benedict


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