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Scully Confident in Players
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Cal star Blaine Scully has international experience. But several All Americans do not. Paul Meyers photoThe All Americans squad is full of players who have at least a little bit of international experience.

But even those who are new to this level of rugby have jumped in with both feet.

“It’s been a really good assembly,” said co-captain Blaine Scully, who toured with the All Americans in 2009 and has played for the USA at 7s and 15s. “Playing rep side rugby, and coming together quickly as a team, is a really difficult task. You have to learn a new system and implement a game plan, and it requires everybody to be on board 100% and willing to learn.”

The players ran a 1K fitness assessment run, but haven’t done a huge amount of fitness because there’s no time. Players were expected to be fit when they showed up, and they are.

“The guys are handling the international pace well,” Scully told “We’ve got people coming from all sorts of programs and all sorts of different backgrounds learning a new system. In the end it’s a matter of execution, and hopefully for the guys in their first experience at this level, their training kicks in. I am really confident in the players we have.”

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All Americans Picked for Series Opener
Colleges - All Americans

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – The 23 Men's Collegiate All-Americans set to suit up against the New Zealand Universities Touring side on Saturday have been named.  The game will kick off on Saturday July 9, 2011 at 3 p.m. at The Little Q, the home of Old Mission Bay Athletic Club (OMBAC).

The All-Americans have been in camp this week at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. to prepare for the Series.

In addition to rugby-specific skill work and training, the All-Americans visited a Navy training center in the area and took part in a workout used by the elite operations force, the Navy SEALS.

The All-Americans will play two more matches after Saturday’s fixture.  The last two matches will take place on July 13 at Harder Stadium in Santa Barbara, Calif. and Steuber Rugby Stadium in Stanford on July 16.

Men’s Collegiate All-Americans
15 Blaine Scully (University of California – Berkeley)
14 Peter Tiberio (University of Arizona)
13 Duncan Kelm (San Diego State)
12 Gareth Jones (Temple University)
11 Dustin Muhn (University of California – Berkeley)
10 JP Eloff (Davenport University)
9 Chris Saint (Penn State)
1 Mike Su’a (BYU)
2 Zach Fenoglio (Loyola Marymount)
3 James Besser (University of California – Berkeley)
4 Chris Parker (Texas A&M)
5 Nate Brakeley (Dartmouth)
6 Garrett Lambert (Life University)
7 Derek Asbun (University of California – Berkeley)
8 Ryan Roundy (BYU)

16 Matt Crawford (St. Mary’s College of California)
17 Andy Cooke (St. Mary’s College of California)
18 Mark Bonham (BYU)
19 Cam Dolan (Life University)
20 Pat Sullivan (Arkansas State)
21 Kyle Grossheider (Life University)
22 Benji Goff (University of Tennessee)
23 Ray Forrester (BYU)

July 9: Little Q (Old Mission Bay Athletic Club) | 3 p.m.
July 13: Harder Stadium (UC- Santa Barbara) | 6:30 p.m.
July 16: Steuber Rugby Stadium (Stanford University) | 1 p.m.

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Tough Selection Job for Magleby
Colleges - All Americans

Alex Magleby, All American coach. Photo Ivy RugbyFriday All Americans head coach Alex Magleby will be choosing his team to face New Zealand Universities, and it will be a tough job.

The former Dartmouth All American and 7s and 15s Eagle told that the level of rugby ability in camp is the highest he’s ever seen in an All American assembly. The players have shown up in shape and ready to work.

“It’s a tribute to the work done by all those college coaches out there,” said Magleby, who has only one of his Dartmouth players, Nate Brakeley, on the squad. “We don’t do it here. They do it every day during the college season. Our job here is to put the players in a training environment that is more challenging than the games, and develop international rugby players.”

Magleby said making the Eagles should not be the goal of these players; being a great Eagle should be.

“We talk about being a podium player, which means being one of the top three in your position in the world. A swim coach will look at his team and figure if he has 70 percent of his team on the podium, he will win the meet. I want the USA to have 70 percent of their players podium players. It’s an audacious goal, but I want players to think beyond just making the Eagles.”

Magleby said all the players, including the small number of DI (as opposed to College Premier Division) players have impressed and slotted in just fine, thank you. He will treat all three games in this three-week series as test matches. He will select to win.

“Right now we’re concerned with playing our game on Saturday and nothing more than that,” he said. “We know New Zealand Universities will be a strong team, but really we need to focus on ourselves. The guys are doing a really good job taking everything in, and working hard. We have a lot of leaders on this team, and they are a great group to work with.”

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All Americans Tough it Out at SEALs Training
Colleges - All Americans
All Americans at SEALs Training

The Men’s All Americans visited the Navy SEAL training base in Coronado, Calif. this week during their training for their three-game series with New Zealand Universities.

“That was a trip I’ll never forget,” said co-captain Ryan Roundy. “It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. We pushed ourselves, and getting just a little taste of what those guys go through day-in, day-out, makes me so much more grateful for what I have.”

The players were put through a series of training tasks – running, obstacle courses, team tasks, and were worn out in just a few hours.

“It was an awesome team-building experience and was not easy by any means,” added co-captain Blaine Scully. “It was an honor to be allowed to train with one of the greatest teams on the planet. We learned a lot in a short amount of time and came away with 100 different lessons on mental toughness. The SEALS are a really high-performance team that operates with the highest stakes. It was a really good experience to see the kind of pressure they put themselves under.”

Roundy said he was struck first of all by how taking even a second off in a team is exposed in SEALS training. With seven men carrying a log above their heads, if one guy drops his hands, everyone feels it. It’s not so exposed in a rugby game, said Roundy, but the lesson holds.

The BYU captain was also humbled by what the SEALs personnel are expected to do as a daily lifestyle.

“Even with us I could say to myself, OK, two more hours and we’re back playing rugby and having fun; these guys, they do it every day, so they can do it as a career and keep our country safe,” said Roundy. “Once we’re gone, they don’t leave.”

“We came out of that with more of a sense of our collective identity,” added Scully. “We know we can handle any situation, any time. We’ve been through tougher times.”

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Who Would You Pick for 7s All Americans
Colleges - All Americans
Don Pati gets the nod from both, but nmot at scrumhalf. Marvin Dangerfield photo
Peter Tiberio, big-time try-scorer. Marvin Dangerfield photo
Nate Ebner. Marvin Dangerfield photo
Tim Stanfill, Central Washington. Marvin Dangerfield photo

All Americans coach Alex Magleby has a tough job this summer, because as well as selecting his All Americans and getting them ready for New Zealand Universities, he has to scout, select and train a 7s team.

While All-Collegiate 7s teams have taken the field before (Emil Signes put a team in the 7s NASC in the late 1990s), this is the first time that an All American 7s team has officially taken the field.

We at thought we’d help Magleby out with our selections for a 7s All American team.

First, some disclaimers. We decided to go with players who are available. So, while we would love to have Thretton Palamo on this team, he’s now playing football for the University of Utah. Taylor Mokate is injured. Scott LaValla, who led Trinity College, Dublin University, to an All-Ireland 7s title, is in training with Stade Francais

So they are off limits.

Similarly, the military academy players are also largely unavailable, and that keeps Dave Geib, Ben Leaatigaga, Will Holder, Seamus Siefring and Nate Arnsberger off the team.

What we also struggled with was predicting who might be good at 7s even if we hadn’t seen a player perform at 7s. Pat Clifton took a few more flyers than Alex Goff on that level, but either way, while it’s not difficult to predict whether a player might have 7s potential, predicting whether a player can perform at a high level is much tougher.

Pat Clifton’s best 14 players:
Prop: Cam Dolan (Life)                Shaun Potgieter (Arkansas State)
Hooker: Nate Ebner (Ohio State)     Seamus Kelly (Cal)
Prop: Ryan Roundy  (BYU)           Benji Goff (Tennessee)
Scrumhalf: Peter Tiberio (Arizona)    Tonata Lauti (Utah)
Flyhalf: JP Eloff (Davenport)                Shaun Davies (BYU)
Center: Don Pati (Utah)                 Jarred Whippy (BYU)
Wing: Blaine Scully (Cal)         Rocco Mauer (Bowling Green)

Alex Goff’s best 14 players:
Prop: Cam Dolan (Life)                      Ryan Roundy (BYU)
Hooker: Nate Ebner (Ohio State)         Rob Carlson (St. Mary’s)
Prop: Nate Brakely (Dartmouth)           Blaine Scully (Cal)
Scrumhalf: Peter Tiberio (Arizona)         Dylan Lubbe (BYU)  
Flyhalf: Nick Downer                           Tonata Lauti (Utah)
Center: Don Pati                                 Seamus Kelly (Cal)
Wing: Rocco Mauer                             Tim Stanfill (CWU)

This list misses a bunch of players. Tim Maupin and Bubba Jones of St. Mary’s, Danny Barrett of Cal, Duncan Kelm of San Diego State, Brett Thompson of Arizona, Nick Viviani of Bowling Green, Adam Ducoing and Bobby Johns of LSU, Kellen Gordon of Central Washington, Tanner Scott and Chris Downer of Dartmouth, Alex Lee of North Carolina, Chris Saint of Penn State, Tim Acker of Kutztown, Gareth Jones of Temple, Danny James of Utah, Dave Martini of UCLA and several others. But it’s a start – an opportunity to consider how much 7s talent there really is out there.

We’ve played fast and loose with some positions, but that’s a good thing. Effective 7s players should be able to play wing and prop (Blaine Scully) and a smart halfback should be able to step in at scrumhalf or flyhalf (Dylan Lubbe, Don Pati, sort of).

Tell us who you like …


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