Written by Jackie Finlan    Saturday, 21 May 2011 23:33    PDF Print Write e-mail
Old Gaelic Move to DIII Quarters
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Manassas, VA - There’s a lot to be said for experience playing at the national level, as demonstrated at the DIII club championships. Only Virginia and Old Gaelic were present at the 2010 playoffs, and both won today. The Gaels toppled Ft. Benning 37-8 and now look ahead to Metropolis, which demolished Rockaway 60-8.

“We definitely had an edge with depth, but even more importantly, we’ve been here before,” Old Gaelic coach Mark Cooley. “We know what to expect, while the newer teams are in shock that they’re here.”

But Old Gaelic weren’t necessarily prepared for the hard running of Ft. Benning’s inside center. He caused a lot of trouble for the team, and it took a while for the players to adjust.

“They came out very good in the beginning, and their #12 came right at us,” Cooley said. “We came together once we figured out their game plan, tackled their 12 low and sent an extra man into the tackle. But even more than that, our offense won the ball, the lineouts, and had a lot more possession.”

Old Gaelic put up 27 points in the first half, 10 in the second, and saw scores from Shafer Earley, Ken Burke, Nick Dettorre, Daniel Troy, James Oliverio and a pack try dotted down by Matt Pomraning. Dan Roth handled the extras, penalties and drop goal.

Cooley watched the Metropolis game and knows the team has their work cut out for them, especially in the forwards, which looked fantastic. Game kicks off at 2:45 EST tomorrow.