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Belmont Buckled Down on Back Bay in 2nd Half
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Belmont Shore beat Back Bay 48-14 Sunday, due in large part to a massive second half, to open SoCal league play 1-0.

Belmont got off to a slow start, littered with penalties and unsure play at the breakdown, and Back Bay capitalized on field position and possession advantages to take a 14-10 halftime lead.

“Back Bay have a really good set of backs, and we were probably playing in the wrong area of the field. Plus, we were turning over the ball a little bit, and those two were kind of giving Back Bay loads of possession, so we couldn’t really get enough possession on it,” said Belmont coach Ray Eagan.  

“We scored two good tries, but we struggled to get field position. Then, once we tightened that up after halftime, things were a little bit better. Also, we tightened up a few things around the breakdown. At halftime we changed, and that helped turnover the ball. Once we were equal in turning over some of their possession, we were able to play the way we can play.”

That way included dominance at the set pieces, as Belmont’s front row of  Zack Fenoglio, Jake Grubbs and Bryce Shilling imposed its will on Back Bay.

“I won’t say that Back Bay laid down, but we kind of upped the tempo quite a bit, and we kind of kicked on,” said Eagan. “Our carries were good, our lineouts, our scrums were good, and it was kind of a bit flattering towards the finish.”

Up next for Belmont is cross-town rival LA Rugby Club, and on the horizon for Back Bay is a home match against OMBAC.


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