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SoCal Girls Defeat NorCal
School Age - Girls

The Southern California Griffin Girls U19 and U17 teams emerged champions beating Northern California at the California Girls All Star Cup, played today at California State University Fullerton.  The Griffins dominated both divisions, beating NorCal 37-0 in the the U17 match, and 55-5 in the U19 match.

In the U17 match, both teams looked evenly matched until the 20th minute, which was when the Griffins opened up with their first try when Amber Ruiz scored with a good run and some beautiful sidestepping.  From then on, the Griffins kept pressing deep into NorCal territory, ending the first half at 10-0.

In the second half, the Griffins kept pushing Norcal into their half, which was where play remained.  The youngest player on the team - Izzy Manu, who had just celebrated her 13th birthday, was unstoppable with her sizzling runs, and was rewarded with a hat-trick of tries.

The final score:  SoCal Griffins - 37.  NorCal All Stars - 0.

SoCal U17s

In the U19 match, the Griffin Girls went in hard to score their first try within 9 minutes of play.  From then on, there was no stopping the Griffins, who kept pushing deep into NorCal's 22, and ended up scoring 38-0 by half time.  Lauren Bell converted three difficult conversions.

In the second half, the Griffins scored once again, which Bell converted.   NorCal came back in the second half playing a better game, attacking the Griffins, and ending with a try.  The Griffins responded with two more tries before the final whistle.

The final score: SoCal Griffins - 55.  NorCal All Stars - 5

SoCal U19s

The U19 Griffin Girls
Sammy Pinson (Captain) - Fallbrook
Desiree Leaupepe (Vice Captain) - ORCA
Natasha Perera - Fullerton
Corina Curiel - Fullerton
Jamie Garcia - Fallbrook
Pasene Asuega - Back Bay
Simone Qualls - Fullerton
Samantha Irizarry - Fullerton
Bere Ruvalcaba - Fallbrook
Lauren Bell - Fallbrook
Jessica Nuno - Fullerton
Kim Lamons - Fallbrook
Mary Ann Joves - ORCA
Megan Pinson - Fallbrook
Lauren Tonumaipea - Back Bay
Michelle Garcia - ORCA
Lilly Rigoli - Cathedral
Casey Karl - Fallbrook
Natalie Wilson - Back Bay

U17 Griffin Girls
Karmin Macedo (Captain) Fallbrook
Chelsea Tatum (Vice Captain) - Santa Monica
Becca Baxis - ORCA
Sierra Brooks - ORCA
Cambria Brandenburger - Fullerton
Taylor Duncan - Fallbrook
Alexi Eich - Fallbrook
Courtney DiMauro - ORCA
Rachel Edward - Santa Monica
Brittney Eldridge - Fallbrook
Eva Klein - Santa Clarita
Izzy Manu - Fullerton
Aliyah Moala - South Bay
Michel Navarro - Fallbrook
Cynthia Nuno - Fullerton
Eriana Pula - South Bay
Tori Riddle - Fallbrook
Kayla Rudman - Fullerton
Amber Ruiz - ORCA
Sade Young - South Bay 
Lisa Jones - ICEF

Ravi Perera - Head Coach
Craig Pinnel - Forwards Coach
Marin Pinnel - Backs Coach
David Edward - Backs Coach