Written by Will Dietrich-Egensteiner    Friday, 20 May 2011 15:55    PDF Print Write e-mail
Xavier Knocks Out St. Thomas Aquinas
School Age - Boys

The first match in the Boy's High School National Quarterfinals saw Xavier beat St. Thomas Aquinas by a score of 35-7.

Xavier started the game well, keeping the ball through a lot of phases and dictating the pace of the match. This put St. Thomas under pressure and forced them to play defense in their territory for much of the game. Xavier notched a total of 5 tries, two penalty kicks and two conversions. The penalty kicks and conversions were all made by fullback Eddie Sullivan.

"Sullivan's kicking made the difference in the first half and increased the margin to 18-0 at halftime," Xavier coach Mike Tolkin said. "We followed some of the goals that we had set and not giving them a lot of ball allowed us to get our offense going."

Xavier will take on Charlotte Catholic in the semifinals later today.