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RUGBYMag CPD All-Conference Teams
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Ryan Roundy. Paul Meyers PhotoRUGBYMag.com is proud to announce its selection of the 2011 Collegiate Premier Division All-Conference Teams.

These selections are a precursor to RUGBYMag.com’s All-Collegiate, and CPD, DI and DII All American selections, which will be released in the coming days.

The selections were made using observations from league coaches, game reports, film study, and direct observation by RUGBYMag.com writers, editors, and correspondents. Among the criteria used for selection: players had to have played a significant part of the season – players who were injured or unavailable for most of the season, even if they were outstanding, had trouble making their All-Conference team; in addition, some players were moved to slightly different positions if, in the judgment of RUGBYMag.com, said player could handle that position (this is most noticeable in the backs, where one or two players were shifted from center to wing, for example).

“It always seems like, whenever we make these types of selections, some very good players get left off,” said RUGBYMag.com Editor-in-Chief Alex Goff. “This is no exception, even though we were picking All-Conference teams – obviously the All American selections get harder. I especially feel for Central Washington, who did not get a selection on the team despite being an outstanding program, and for some specific players, especially in the back row, where St. Mary’s flanker Rob Carlson, UCLA flanker Dave Martini, and Navy flanker Blake Taylor, who I think could easily have made an all-conference team, but were beaten out.”

 Leading the selections are s the University of California Golden Bears, which put ten players on the Pacific All-Conference team, while BYU placed seven on the West All-Conference team.

“We’ve been saying all year that the East was the most competitive conference in the CPD, and that was borne out in the RUGBYMag.com All-Conference selections, with seven different teams having All-Conference players,” said Goff.

The RUGBYMag.com All-Conference Teams are:

CPD All-East Team  
1     Kallen Ryan Army
2     Chris Karas Penn State
3     Charlie Grant     Dartmouth
4     Chris Mullen Delaware
5     Chase Burge     Navy
6     Eric Rubenstein  Rutgers
7     Paul Jarvis   Dartmouth
8     Sean Rohrs Navy
9     Derek Fish   Dartmouth
10    Will Holder   Army
11    Tim Acker    Kutztown
12    Gareth Lourens  Kutztown
13    Chris Downer    Dartmouth
14    Ben Leatigaga   Army
15    James Kowalski Delaware

CPD All-South Team
1     Jake Mizell   Arkansas State
2     Nardus Wessells      Arkansas State
3     Paris Hollis Life
4     Chris Parker Texas A&M
5     Nick Civetta Notre Dame
6     Cameron Dolan Life
7     Garrett Lambert Life
8     Shaun Potgieter Arkansas State
9     Colton Cariaga  Life
10    Patrick Sullivan Arkansas State
11    Hunter Leland    Texas A&M
12    Benji Goff    Tennessee
13    Zac Mizell    Arkansas State
14    Caleb Gragg     Arkansas State
15    Joe Cowley Life

CPD All-West Team
1     Mikey Su'a   BYU
2     Ray Forrester    BYU
3     Nick Mostyn Utah
4     Viliamia Vimahi  BYU
5     Mark Bonham    BYU
6     Trevor Kohl Arizona State
7     Travis Hughes   Arizona State
8     Ryan Roundy    BYU
9     Don Pati      Utah
10    Dylan Lubbe     BYU
11    AJ Tuinau     Utah
12    Thretton Palamo Utah
13    Jared Whippy    BYU
14    Peter Tiberio     Arizona
15    Mike Getzler Arizona

CPD All-Pacific Team   
1     Nick Wallace     St. Mary's
2     Neil Barrett   California
3     James Besser   California
4     Kyle Batten St. Mary's
5     Ryan Hodson    California
6     Danny Barrett    California
7     Tom Rooke California
8     Derek Asbun     California
9     Chad Clark   St. Mary's
10    James Bailes    California
11    Duncan Kelm    San Diego State
12    Tim Maupin St. Mary's
13    Seamus Kelly    California
14    Dustin Muhn California
15    Blaine Scully     California