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RUGBYMag.com All D1-A Teams!
Colleges - Men's DI College

RUGBYMag.com has selected its All D1-A teams.

These are players who we consider are the best at their position in the league. We give some consideration, when deciding between players, as to what their national team potential is, but only in terms of their play and physical attributes, not their country of origin.

A 1st team, 2nd team, and Honorable Mention team were picked.

Some notes:
At times we opted for an unconventional choice in order to get what we considered the best team. Don Pati has played a lot of scrumhalf, but has also suited up at center for Utah, and to keep this exciting and dangerous player on the field we chose him at center.

Mike Shepherd and Matt Crawford both can play hooker or prop. We picked them at the positions we felt they were most effective (Shepherd throws in at the lineout, Crawford usually doesn't, so Shepherd wears #2).

Cameron Dolan has played both No. 8 and openside flanker - going to flank defensively on scrums. Again, in the interests of getting both Dolan and Ryan Roundy on the field at the same time, we slide Dolan to flanker.

Seventeen different teams contributed players to this list, with BYU contributing the most, eight. Arkansas State, Life, St. Mary's and Utah have five each in this list.

RUGBYMag.com All D1-A 1st Team
1 Matt Crawford St. Mary's Mike Shepherd. Shannon Condie photo.
2 Mike Shepherd Utah
3 Mikey Su'a BYU
4 Mike Lawrenson Kutztown
5 Jack Bristol Air Force
6 Steyn Benade Arkansas State
7 Cameron Dolan Life
8 Ryan Roundy BYU
9 Shaun Davies BYU Tim Stanfill, at right, Marvin Dangerfield photo.
10 Will Holder Army
11 Tim Stanfill CWU
12 Paul Lasike BYU
13 Don Pati Utah
14 Kyle Ulses Army
15 Joe Cowley Life

RUGBYMag.com All D1-A 2nd Team
1 Jake Mizell Arkansas State Cook for St. Mary's. Michael Geib photo.
2 Andrew Cook St. Mary's
3 Nick Mostyn Utah
4 TJ Allred BYU
5 Robert Hayslip Arkansas State
6 Seamus Seifring Navy
7 Paul Bester Life
8 Shaun Potgieter Arkansas State
9 Christopher Saint Penn State Colton Cariaga. Pat Clifton photo.
10 Dylan Lubbe BYU
11 Tonata Lauti Utah
12 Colton Cariaga Life
13 Karl Crist Army
14 Luke Lahman Colorado
15 Kingsley McGowan St. Mary's

RUGBYMag.com All D1-A Honorable Mention
1 Ray Forrester BYU Svob, in red and headgear. Davies in headband for BYU. Paul Meyers photo.
2 Jamie Gregory Kutztown
3 Nick Wallace St. Mary's
4 Scott Metcalf Utah
5 Kelly Harris St. Mary's
6 Eric Rubenstein Rutgers
7 Kevin Kimble Penn State
8 Nick Svob Arizona
9 Yoshiyasu Abe Arkansas State Chaput of UCLA. Numina Photo.
10 Conor Mills Texas A&M
11 Martial Chaput UCLA
12 Hoeski Kofe BYU
13 Zach Utley Arizona State
14 Calvin Nell Life
15 Adam Sandstrom Arizona State