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CWU Rugby Camp About More than Just Rugby
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Central Washington University is holding its Rugby Camp this summer July 13-16 in Ellensburg, Wash. For CWU Head Coach Bob Ford, the Camp is much more than just getting a bunch of kids together to play rugby.

“We want to prepare kids to be athletes and students,” said Ford. “We went to give these kids the tools to achieve what they want to achieve. If it means playing rugby at Central Washington, that’s great, but first of all we want to help them succeed.”

The entire camp is geared toward helping high school kids take the next step in their lives. The kids learn about stuff such as how to fill out financial aid paperwork, what applications to college entail, and about life in residence halls.

“We work on time management skills, and we have a nutritionist speak to the kids,” Ford said. “Their diet is closely monitored through our dining services program, which mirrors the national team menu. They start to eat like athletes and prepare like them.”

As far as the rugby goes, players learn defensive systems and attack management, and they spend some intense times on the field with other like-minded players. But there’s also some non-rugby time, when campers can take advantage of the natural surroundings of Washington state.

“We want to give kids a three- or four-day snapshot of elite athletics, but also a snapshot of what it’s like to be a college student,” explained Ford.

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