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Ouch - Pittman Battles Through Broken Nose
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Shawn Pittman gets some attention after breaking his nose Saturday.USA prop Shawn Pittman carries with him one of the great battle scores of prop-dom, a nicely broken nose courtesy of the Rotherham Titans.

The Eagle prop forward was outstanding for London Welsh last weekend, even after having to leave the pick for a broken break 20 minutes in. He was clogged up and back on the field six minutes later, and played a huge role in the one-point win over the Titans.

“Yeah I'm carrying the ball a lot more and it's great,” Pittman told RUGBYMag.com. “Getting about 8-12 touches a game.  It was a big game we needed the win to get back on form. It came down to the wire and our team pulled it out and the boys were very excited about it.”

Pittman broke his nose on what he called a poor tackle.

“[Matt] Corker and I were putting in a tackle together and he went low and I went high, and I just went too high and got the head of the Rotherham number seven straight in my face,” Pittman told local reporters. “It was probably the most blood I’ve ever seen come out of my nose, or any other part of my body. I only had six minutes off - I thought I was going to get more. I wanted the whole ten minutes!”

It wasn’t Pittman’s first such injury – actually his third. He said he was a little hesitant after coming back onto the field, but soon he forgot about the injury and just played, sparking Welsh to a comeback from 20-7 down with some big runs, important tackles, and a key ball-steal as Rotherham was knocking on the door at the end of the game.

“After the game, that’s when you really feel it. It started to swell up a lot and I got a headache,” he said, adding to RUGBYMag that he’s not the only one getting banged around. “I think we are all feeling the results of a long season now, And we are all carrying little niggles.  But I guess that's just a part of the game.”

Pittman is expected to play Saturday against Bristol.