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West Fields Two Teams in Men's NCASC
Colleges - All-Stars

The West has the unique opportunity of fielding two teams in this year’s Men’s Collegiate All Star Championship. Due to the Combined Services team dropping out and the U20s being unavailable, head coach Jim Snyder was asked if he could field a second West team to fill the seventh seed.

 “It was a challenge at first to draft a net wide enough to bring in enough guys to field two teams,” Snyder said. “It’s also made the last two days of training pretty strenuous from a coaching and organizational standpoint.”

 Just because the West is fielding two teams does not mean that one is a B-side though. Snyder said that the coaching staff did their best to make thing even between the two sides. He said that West’s second team has the same chance as West 1 of winning Tier 2.

 “Last year we brought in two teams but one was a developmental team,” Snyder said. “It was a lot less organized. That was more of a B-side team. This year the teams are equal.”

 The players to keep an eye on in team one will be Kyle Hitt of Northern Colorado and Jack White from Benedictine College, even though they come from smaller programs. Team two has enlisted Paul Mullen at prop. Mullen was in the U20 side that competed in Georgia in the Junior World Rugby Trophy.

 West 1 takes on the Northeast All Star team at 10 a.m. MDT at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colorado, while West 2 goes up against the Mid-Atlantic All Stars at 12 p.m. MDT.

West 1:
Joe Bach (Oklahoma)
Stephen Karas (Colorado State)
Justin Silva (University of Colorado)
Reginald Bryant (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Ryan Russomanno (Air Force)
Jackson Bristol (Air Force)
Blake Hodges (Oklahoma)
Daniel Kloeckener (University of Missouri- Columbia)
Andres Diaz (Texas A&M)
Jeff Easthagen (Texas State)
Michael Sangaline (Colorado)
Dakota Wilkinson (Oklahoma)

Ryan Walker (Colorado State)
Jimmy Harrison (Saint Louis University)
Hunter Leland (Texas A&M)
Kyle Hitt (Northern Colorado)
Erwin Schmidt (Nebraska-Lincoln)
Stephen Mahoney (Texas)
Jack White (Benedictine)
Luke Lahman (Colorado)
Arrynn Wilkinson (Oklahoma)
Tim Telaneus (Texas A&M)
Joseph D’Agostino (Kansas State)

West 2:
Alexis Mendoza (Texas at Austin)
Brian Wanless (Colorado)
Paul Mullen (Texas A&M at Galveston)
Daniel Knapp (Kansas State)
Jackson Bristol (Air Force)
Scott Lynch (Texas)
Matt Brotemarkle (Missouri- Columbia)
Caleb Childers (Pittsburg State)
Jason Kirker (St. Edwards)
Michael Sangaline (Colorado)

Ryan Parkhouse (Regis University)
Jimmy Harrison (St. Louis)
David Zimmerman (Northern Colorado)
Alex DeGuire (St. Louis)
David McDonough (Truman State)
Noah Villalobos (Texas at Austin)
Andrew Markham (Nebraska)
Marques Vieira (Colorado State)
Chris Wenglasz (Red Rocks Community College)
Bradley Henry (Oklahoma)
Benjamin Pacheco (Wyoming)
Conor Mills (Texas A&M)