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USA U20s, Scotland Select for Match
National Teams - Age-Grade Men

Scotland and USA have named their U20 squads to face off Tuesday at the Junior World Championships.

USA has struggled in their first three games. Martin Seras Lima photo.
Scotland were close to going 2-1. Steven Lebreton photo.

The two teams are playing in the 9th-place semifinals, as are Samoa and Fiji. The winners of those games will play June 23 for 9th place. The losers will play June 23 for 11th, with the team that finishes 12th being relegated to the Junior World Rugby Trophy for 2014.

Scotland is 1-2 so far, having lost 44-13 to Argentina and 26-21 to Wales. They beat Samoa 36-33.

The USA has given up 251 points and scored 3 in their first three games.

This game will be played at 11:15AM Pacific Time, 2:15PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 18.

Live coverage will be at http://www.irb.com/jwc/

No Name No Name
1 Jamie Bhatti 1 Christopher Banks
2 Callum Black 2 Cameron Falcon
3 Phil Cringle 3 Henry Hall
4 Ruairidh Leishman 4 Teli Veamatahau
5 Adam Sinclair 5 Christian Ostberg
6 Eoghan Masterson 6 Zach Bonte
7 Will Bordill 7 Vili Toluta'u
8 Tommy Spinks 8 Alex Goff
9 Scott Steele 9 Tom Bliss (C)
10 Ben Cooper 10 Conor Kearns
11 Rory Hughes 11 Lemoto Fillikitonga
12 Mark Bennett (C) 12 Jared Stewart
13 Chris Auld 13 Eakalafi Okusi
14 Jamie Farndale 14 Gavin Brown
15 JJ Kilmartin 15 Dylan Audsley
16 Reyner Kennedy 16 Casper Huizenga
17 Robby Wilson 17 Vei Tomasi
18 James Malcolm 18 Solomone Anitema
19 Alex Henderson 19 Brendan Hardiman
20 Adam Ashe 20 Ross Deacon
21 Ali Price 21 Alex Taefu
22 Blair Hutchison 22 Cormac Murphy
23 Damien Hoyland 23 Noah Tarrant